Project Peru participates in inter-schools cultural event in Lima


The children from the refuge are periodically invited to participate in outside events and on 23rd November showed their skills in traditional dance, music and sales of cakes and small crafts that they had made, at an event held at a school near Puente Piedra.

To see more of our  activities with the children see

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Cup Final Victory

On November 17th 2012 the Project Peru girls team [15-17 years] won the LIMA KIDS football competition between all the children's  homes in Lima.


Las niñas campeonaron, se llevaron la copa!

Football and other sports are very popular and many of our volunteers get involved with this aspect of our work... do contact us if you are interested in this?

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Dental campaign

On November 18th 2012 we organised a community dental campaign in our refuge in collaboration with the teachers and students of the Dental School of the Universidad Alas Peruanas. As well as our own childen and staff 175 local people were examined and treated.

Apart from funding and running our own  refuge Project Peru does as much as possible to be active in the local community. For more information and to support such initiatives contact  


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Children's play area

This sort of children's play equipment may seem normal for us but is only possible in our refuge with ongoing support. The climbing frame is new , thanks to a donation, while the trampoline which was also donated, is an old favourite.


We are always happy to receive donations specifically to provide better equipment for our children.

Please contact us on


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Guildford Town Bridge Craft Market 2012

We will be on the Town Bridge on Saturdays and on some weekdays from 17th November to 22nd December from 9.00 am-5.30 pm for unusual and attractive gifts for Christmas and for all other occasions...or something just for you! Check with us for dates

Please view our page on Craft Stalls here

Map Of High Street Guildford, the Project Peru stall is on the pedestrian  bridge at the bottom  of Guildford High Street, near to Debenhams .

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Peruvian crafts

Ideas for Christmas? For you? Or can you find us new outlets for our Peruvian crafts ... whether in existing crafts markets or by arranging a sale among your friends? Or if you see items you would like on our website do contact us to check availability.

Contact us on  See our Crafts section in the website for more information.



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