Building more houses in Las Laderas

Project Peru has again been working this year in partnership with Amoria Bond, whose Amoria Bond Charitable Trust has funded 20 more new houses in Las Laderas, for families living in extreme poverty, to replace existing 'buildings' such as can be seen in the photos above. These have now  been completed during the summer of 2013. A group of staff from the company funded this initiative and have recently completed their stay in Peru where they finished 10 houses in June and provided the funds for a further 10; while in Peru they stayed in our refuge and interacted with our children and staff.

Among the comments made by the volunteer group about their experience in 2013 were: “Irreplaceable”; “Unforgettable”; “Fulfilling”; “Once in a life-time”; “Warming”; ”Humbling”; “Giving a sense of perspective.”

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Short term building projects- volunteers

Why not get a group together from your university, company or organization to visit Peru next year? This could be a staff development project? Team building? Implementing a Social Responsibility policy? Or just a group of friends or colleagues?

Help build in the desert shanty towns, working alongside skilled local builders, or join in our other community projects. Raise sponsorship by trekking the Inca trail…we can help you organize this too.


We are experienced in hosting groups of volunteers or individual visitors who raise sponsorship for targeted projects. This could be a unique chance to share the life of our refuge and to achieve a positive goal. Do contact us!

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