More in our secret garden in the shanty towns

We've continued with this project which took off in 2013 and which has proved of nutritional, economic and educational benefit ever since it started. In 2014 we will be embarking on a new phase which will increase the area under cultivation but also start a programme of planting fruit trees. To see the story from the start go to

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Building in the shanty towns

One of the 'other' things we do apart from running our own children's refuge is to help build small houses for specific families that we know in the shanty towns near us ; we have had support over the past 4 years from the Amoria Bond Charitable Trust who have helped to fund this initiative, and we also have had support from individual volunteers.

A new programme starts in June 2014 and we plan to build at least 15 new wooden houses; each has a concrete base,wooden walls and a corrugated roof and each will help rescue a family from some of the worst housing conditions.

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Crafts stalls Summer 2014

We have had a good Summer season so far and are looking ahead for opportunities in the autumn and winter. If you can find good venues for us we would be delighted to hear from you. We welcome new outlets for our crafts. Within limitations we are able to supply stock to individuals known to us who want to have sales at home or in other locations, so please feel free to enquire via


To see more about our crafts sales in the UK and how and where some of the crafts are made in Peru see

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Football in Peru-help us to reach all our goals!

Some of our young players-full of promise for the future!

Support Project Peru to help us to be able to continue with this type of activity: make a donation on


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