Project Peru Christmas Appeal 2014

If you thought you'd missed it, it's NOT too late!



Your donation would ensure that the children living in our refuge can once again go out and share food and fun, hot chocolate and panetones, music and dancing, with other children living in extreme poverty in the shanty town communities that surround our refuge. We would be so happy if thanks to you our children will also be able to welcome a group of fifty older people living in increasing poverty to enjoy a day with the Project Peru family in our refuge. This Christmas time too we will be taking warm clothing and blankets to communities isolated in the high Andes.

Your donation will bring a smile to the faces of the children and joy to everyone in our refuge and to the local shanty town community this Christmas.

 Your ongoing generosity is vital and means that we can go on offering food clothes, education, shelter, health and fun all year long to children from extreme poverty living in our refuge and beyond.

Enjoy fabulous celebrations! Thank you-gracias!

For some more photos of our Christmas activities last year see

Distribution of Christmas baskets 2013

Project Peru Christmas2

Project Peru Christmas 2013 in the Sierra


If you can make a donation please send us a giftaided cheque or pay online

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Climate change in Lima

  El Niño

Fish and birds pictures taken from Chimu pottery

 Because of increasing rainfall near the coast of Peru, we targetted the rebuilding of our dining room as the focus of our fundraising for our Paris bike ride in 2014... if you’ld still like to support this type of work by fundraising for us or making a donation on please let us know.

[Extracted below from an article in the Peru Support Group Newsletter-April 2014] 

The likelihood of Peru being hit by the ‘El Niño’ phenomenon this year appears to be in the ascendant….  This phenomenon is the result of a warming of the water in the eastern Pacific Ocean.  It takes place on a periodic basis, and its effects are to reduce the fish catch as the normally abundant supply of fish migrates to cooler waters.  It also has the effect of prompting rainfall in areas (like the coast of Peru) where normally it hardly ever rains, and drought in areas which are dependent on regular rainfall.  Previous Niños have had devastating effects on housing and infrastructure on the coast. Drought can also have disastrous effects on peasant agriculture in the Andes, as well as impacting on electricity supplies as reservoirs dry up. 

Years in which El Niño has emerged include 1983, 1988, 1995, 2003 and 2010.  El Niño is often followed a year later with the reverse effect, known as La Niña.  The science surrounding El Niño is not well understood, nor its relationship with global warming. Some have argued that severe Niños are becoming more regular as a result of global warming.  As well as Peru, the El Niño phenomenon affects weather in other parts of Latin America, Australia, south-east Asia and even as far away as India and the United States

To allay some of the impact of this rain, Project Peru, with the support of some of our volunteers, have been able to help rebuild some of the houses in the shanty towns near our refuge.

 We have also had to adapt some of the roofs in the refuge to resist the rainfall. But we now need to rebuild our dining room with a rainproof roof! [completed in 2015]

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A fairer slice of the Christmas cake

It’s amazing the difference a cake can make to the lives of children trapped in the circle of poverty. One cake raffled for us this Christmas means that one child from our refuge will be able to afford to go to the local State school for a year, paying for uniforms, school materials, books and much more, or that four of our older students will be able to attend further education courses for one month. And we have twenty of these cakes  being raffled around the UK this Christmas, including in Edinburgh, Manchester, Ormskirk, Shrewsbury, London, Faversham, Littlehampton, Gravesend, Ipswich, Billingshurst, Dorking, Dunsfold, Milford and Guildford.

All ingredients, professional baking, icing and decorating, are donated so that every penny of the money raised goes directly to support the education of the children in our refuge in Peru. Here are some examples of our cakes:

If you would like to donate to this cause anyway please send a donation marked ‘Christmas cakes’ to

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