Project Peru and the art of gardening

As an important additional part of our kitchen garden project we try to use this as an educational asset including for some of our art classes.

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A rain proof roof

Because of increasing rainfall near the coast of Peru, in January 2015 we started to replace the roof on our dining room at the see more on why this was needed see

You can see the progess of this work below; it was completed in early 2015.

and you could donate to support the cost of this via:


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Volunteer in Peru?

We can be quite flexible. There is a whole range of activities that volunteers may be engaged in, and the more varied the skills that a volunteer can offer the better. Many volunteers also raise sponsorship money for us by doing the Inca Trail. We can arrange volunteer placements for young and maturer volunteers and are looking for volunteers particularly for the latter part of this year. 

To see more about this together with some comments by former volunteers go to

Email enquiries to

Also see the whole section Our Work;

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