Our library- broadening our horizons

The Rural Libraries of Cajamarca (Las Bibliotecas Rurales de Cajamarca).

In 2015 our librarian, our director and one of our volunteers visited this project and, apart from seeing how they work, we were able to buy some of their own publications for our library at the refuge. The Rural Libraries have been responsible for publishing more than 130 different books on a variety of practical subjects including farming, weaving and hat making, all to help to keep local indigenous skills alive, and have transcribed traditional tales from the past into stories that are then retold by the children and adults who are learning to read, thus helping to keep a record of traditional tales from the mountains.

This is a unique library, a community based organisation in the Andes run entirely by volunteers, which loans and transports books across the mountains to the indigenous population, bringing education, literacy, equality and the love of books to isolated communities within the area. The project, like ours also has roots in, and much of its support from, the UK. See http://bibliotecasruralescajamarca.blogspot.co.uk

...We would always welcome new Spanish language books for our library at the Project Peru refuge, suitable for children and adolescents too.

To see how our library has developed from the start see http://projectperu.org.uk/our-work/library.htm .

We would welcome enquiries from potential volunteers with experience of working with children in libraries. 

Contact: information@projectperu.org.uk

Posted on 02 December 2015 and filed under Opportunities, News from Peru