Project Peru's Christmas Appeal 2015


Enjoy wonderful celebrations but…please don’t forget to support our Christmas Appeal go to make a donation, and then see other News pages to see what we can do with your support.

Your donation would ensure that the children living in our refuge can once again go out and share food and fun, hot chocolate and panetones, music and dancing, with other families in the shanty town communities that surround our refuge. We would be so happy if thanks to you our children will also be able to welcome a group of older people living in increasing poverty locally to enjoy a day out with the Project Peru family in our refuge, and share our Christmas entertainment. This Christmas time too we will be taking warm clothing and blankets to communities isolated in the high Andes.

 For more on our Christmas activities last year see here:

Your donation will bring a smile to the faces of the children and joy to everyone in our refuge and to the local shanty town community this Christmas.

Your ongoing generosity is vital and means that we can go on offering food clothes, education, shelter, health and fun all year long to children from extreme poverty living in our refuge and beyond, throughout the year.

Enjoy fabulous celebrations! Thank you-gracias!

If you can make a donation please send us a gift aided cheque or pay online via

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Panetones in Peru at Christmas

Italian immigrants to South America brought this special cake with them, and it has become a favourite part of the Christmas celebration throughout Latin America, traditionally enjoyed with hot chocolate on Christmas

It is an important part of our activities in and around the refuge at Christmas time; see

Panettone in Italian [called 'panetón’, ‘panetones’ or sometimes just ‘pan dulce’ in Spanish] is a yeasted brioche bread, flavoured with citrus, studded with dried fruits and nuts, and baked in a decorative round paper mold.


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