Optometrists' project in 2016


 Amigos Eye Care is the Pacific University  [Oregon] College of Optometry’s non-profit, student chapter of VOSH – Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity. 

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Early in 2016 we were able to arrange the logistics and to deal with the bureaucracy and planning involved in hosting a visit by this group of optometrists from the USA and Canada. The group of 12 came in March and included 3 licensed optometrists and 9 students. They stayed in the Project Peru refuge while in Lima. Project Peru organised several bases for the eye clinics for children, staff and families in the refuge, in Las Laderas and, through our contacts in Cusco, in a poor community there.  On the four days of clinic the group was able to check the eye health, through dilation and the use of direct ophthalmoscopes, and to correct vision, with the use of retinoscopes and a manual phoropter, for over 500 people. They were also able to hand out over 300 pairs of glasses and sunglasses to those who needed them, and to order certain prescriptions to be prepared in the USA. 

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Posted on 26 April 2016 and filed under News from Peru

Adding adventure to the playground at our refuge

This is still 'work in progress', but we have recently had the funds to add some new features such as 'balance' beams, stepping (or jumping!) stones, a climbing wall and vaults to our play area at the refuge, thanks to some sterling work by some of our staff and our volunteers. 

Posted on 26 April 2016 and filed under News from Peru