Our latest cargo from the UK has arrived

We send a container full of donated goods to Peru each year which enables us both to give direct help in the refuge, in the local community and in a few communities in the Andes, and to save us money in Peru. Our recent delivery included donated materials for our kitchen, educational, art and stationery materials, new books for our library, educational and recreational toys, toiletries, office furniture and equipment, clothes, shoes, wheel-chairs and children's scooters, together with many other items. Please enquire about possible donations, and ...

See http://projectperu.org.uk/our-work/distribution-of-goods-sent-to-peru-from-the-uk.htm to see more about this part of our work.

Also see http://projectperu.org.uk/our-work/goods-sent-from-the-uk.htm and 


Unloading the cargo at the refuge:

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Up for the cup!


This is the annual knock-out competition between the children's homes of Lima. 'Lima Kids'! The girls' team have just won the cup for 2016.

We have several teams and lots of supporters. We'd always welcome donations to support the costs of transport for our involvement in this competition.

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More books for our library

Our library is one of our most important facilities and we have recently had donations of children's books by two UK-based publishing companies; these books have now arrived in our refuge in our most recent cargo. We'd also welcome donations of books in Spanish for older children and teenagers, and also recommendations of other appropriate books. Here are some of the titles we have just received.

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A fairer slice of the cake this year?

It's amazing the difference a cake can make to the lives of children trapped in the circle of poverty. One cake raffled, sold or auctioned for us this Christmas...along with other ingenious ways of using a cake to trigger donations..means that one child from our refuge will be able to afford to go to the local State school for a year, paying for uniforms, school materials, books and much more, or that four of our older students will be able to attend further education courses for a month. And we have 18 of these cakes being raffled around the UK this Christmas, including some in Birmingham, Edinburgh, Manchester, Shrewsbury, London [Ealing, Walthamstow, Wandsworth], Faversham, Littlehampton, and in the Guildford area. Here are some more examples of our cakes.

All the ingredients, professional baking, icing and decorating are donated so that every penny of the money raised goes directly to support the education of the children in our refuge in Peru.

You can help too by just making a donation. If you would like to donate to this cause anyway please send a donation marked 'Christmas cakes' to http://www.charity choice.co.uk/project-peru-5466; OR while you are spending time shopping online this season [or any time really!] why not consider this? http://projectperu.org.uk/news/2016/11/01/easy-fundraising-for-project-peru-when-shopping-online.htm

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