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One of our mottos is Casa Hogar y Seguridad [broadly meaning Shelter and Safety] and we take this very seriously; but it costs us just to fulfil all our minimum obligations, and we do our best to have the highest standards.

So, our dramatic fire drills for staff and older children mean we have to refill our extinguishers regularly!






 We have to pay to disinfect our cargo container on arrival from the UK.

We have earthquakes and regular earthquake drills.

"Even though the earthquake seemed to be over I couldn't stop shaking."...a quote and illustration from our short book El Nuevo Mundo: see our work - A book based on the refuge


Every six months we fumigate the whole refuge, with special measures in 2016 to counter any risks from the zika virus.

We change our water filters in our drinking fountain regularly to ensure a good supply of clean drinking water.

We renew our signage and provide safety barriers and ramps where needed.

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Posted on 19 July 2017 and filed under News from Peru