100th house in Las Laderas

We've built other houses of course, both in Las Laderas, in other communities near our refuge, and in Paramonga 200 miles or so north of Lima after the 2017 floods, but in August 2017 we completed the 100th house in Las Laderas [101 actually] funded and built in partnership with Amoria Bond, a Manchester-based company. Since 2011 either an Amoria  Bond  team has funded and gone to build as well, or they have provided the funds. In all cases the building work has been supervised and completed by local workers. See some of the story in http://www.projectperu.org.uk/our-work/community/-las-laderas-building-houses.htm . Las Laderas is an area from which many of our children and some staff come, and many of our volunteers will know it.


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Our Paris bike ride September 9th to 13th 2017

Project Peru's Guildford to Paris bike ride - September 9th-13th 2017.

 We've our full complement of riders to Paris this year. This is our biggest single fundraiser so don't miss it completely this time! Join us just for Day 1 to Brighton [even Newhaven] and raise some sponsorship?


...or sponsor the team by making a donation on....        

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Lima Kids football 2017

It's not so much the 'winning' as the 'getting there'!

We'd love some support to provide transport costs this year for our participation in this annual competition which restarts for 2017 in August in Cieneguilla.

Every year when we can we participate in the competitive football league between all the children's homes in Lima [LIMA KIDS]. In November 2012 the Project Peru girls' team [15-17 years] won the 'Lima Kids' football competition and in 2013 and 2014 the younger girls' team [12-14] won the cup; in 2016 this same group of girls [now the 15-17's] won the cup again.

If you are a football fan, to make a small donation towards this, go to Charity Choice and donate now! https://www.charitychoice.co.uk/project-peru-54566/donate

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