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Give as you live and support Project Peru at the same time

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Celebrating our 100th house in Las Laderas

A celebration by many of those involved...Result: probably 600 local people re-housed!

In August 2017 the 100th house was completed in Las Laderas [101 actually] funded and built in partnership with Amoria Bond, a Manchester-based company. A team of Amoria Bond staff members plus two of our older boys completed this task. The Amoria Bond team stayed at the Project Peru refuge for a week while doing this. Since 2011 we have enjoyed this partnership with the Amoria Bond Charitable Trust which has  funded all of these small wooden houses, and on three occasions their teams have done some of the building work. In all cases the the building has been supervised and completed by local workers. Project Peru has facilitated the whole 'project.' Here are some of the comments from the volunteer team about their experience there;

'Grounding'; 'Real and rewarding'; 'Inspiring'; 'Deeply fulfilling'; 'Once in a lifetime'; 'A whole new sense of ....perspective'; 'Life changing'.

Las Laderas is an area from which many of our children and some staff come, and many of our volunteers will have visited the area.

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To read more about our volunteering opportunities in Peru see; 


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Spring is in the air

Spring is in the air in the Southern hemisphere: the sun is coming out again, as well as new crops in our kitchen garden; and our new 'duck project' is working well too!

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Our annual cargo to Peru


Thanks to all our supporters who have donated or paid for items for this container or helped with its packing and delivery in so many ways. This provides a vital suppport for our work in Peru. Sailing in November it is due to be there before Christmas.

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Our Paris bike ride... a great event and a great fundraiser

Thanks again to all our riders, our back up team, and all our very generous donors and sponsors. 

Make sure you don't miss this event next September! Contact us via

Here are some comments from participants in 2017. 

'Amazingly well done to all'

'Wow!Wow!Wow! We smashed our target!'

'What a fantastic few days; all credit to PP for putting together such a well organised and successful event. Enormous amount of hard work from everyone.'

'We had such a fun time with you and the guys riding across northern France, eating bacon sandwiches, lemon drizzle cake, flapjacks, more bacon sandwiches..who could fail to enjoy that?!'

'We had an amazing time and the guys loved it. We are keeping on with the fundraising.'

'It was a great trip, quite an adventure and so well thought-out and organised, just as it was the previous time.'

'Brilliant bike ride as always'.

'You manage to get a great bunch of people together which makes it so enjoyable.'

'Just to quickly say that I thought the bike ride was incredibly well organised with good company! Hopefully it has been a big fundraising success all round.'

'We really had a great time, and loved meeting you all whilst helping you to keep the refuge running. The work you do is amazing and we all have enormous respect for you..It's really inspiring.'

 For more photos do go to our gallery page

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Peruvian Christmas cards for sale

If anyone would like to make a specific order for any of these hand-made Peruvian Christmas cards please put your order in early as we have a limited stock; please contact us. £2.50 each.

For a wider selection of these original hand-made, Christmas-themed cards and more details see  

For other greetings cards [not specifically Christmas ones] see 



 Several more examples are on view on the website

Please enquire about availability

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