A fairer slice of the cake


 If you are out of range of this cake campaign and wish to donate to our Christmas Appeal 2018 please go to https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/projectperuchristmasappeal2018 : it's not too late to donate!

It's amazing the difference a cake can make to the lives of children trapped in the circle of poverty. One cake raffled, sold, or auctioned for us each Christmas...along with other ingenious ways of using a cake to trigger  donations...means that we will be able to afford to send one child from our refuge to the local State school for a year, paying for uniforms, school materials, books and much more; or that four more of our older students after leaving school can attend further education or vocational courses for a month. And we have 18 of these cakes being raffled around the UK at Christmas 2018, including in Edinburgh, Manchester, Shrewsbury, Birmingham, Hatfield, London [Ealing, Hammersmith and  Walthamstow], Faversham, Littlehampton, Singleton near Chichester, and several in the Guildford area.

Thanks to all those who have made this possible by donating the ingredients, or their baking or cake decoration skills, and /or transport facilities. And of course to those in private homes, at events, churches, pubs and companies who are hosting these campaigns.

 These are some of our 2018 cakes!

For our Christmas Appeal 2018 please go to https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/projectperuchristmasappeal2018

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Music at the refuge

Music and dance are integral parts of life in our refuge and, whether practising or performing, either for each other or for visitors to the refuge, or at external events, they are a vital part of our children's upbringing. Visitors can experience dances from the coast, mountains and jungles of Peru, and the children playing the cajon, panpipes, drums, flutes, charangos, guitars...and songs, as well as our Christmas entertainments.


All this has considerable costs and to help sustain this there are hosts of ways you can support us, not least by looking at projectperu.org.uk/fundraising/other-ways-of-giving.htm

Also to see more about Peruvian instruments see: http://projectperu.org.uk/about-peru/music

...and have a look below, too, at our archive News item for March 2017; 'Viva la musica y la danza'

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Spring is on the way




Spring is on the way in the southern hemisphere and it's 'all hands on deck' for a Spring clean at the refuge.








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Donate to Project Peru and it won't cost you a penny!



Support Project Peru for free when shopping online with over 3,500 popular shops and sites. There are no catches or hidden charges and Project Peru will benefit from any donations you make, once you are registered. Go to http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/projectperu

Thank you for your support.

Project Peru.




Also see http://projectperu.org.uk/fundraising/other-ways-of-giving.htm


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Project Peru on The Giving Machine

You can now help raise donations for Project Peru this way. And it doesn't cost you a penny!


Sign up and shop at over 2,000 stores on-line to generate a cash donation for us.

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Give as you live and support Project Peru at the same time

Why not give this a whirl? It won't cost you anything!

Help PROJECT PERU. Just by shopping online. Shop with over 4,200 of your favourite stores and raise a donation for PROJECT PERU - all without costing you a penny more. Get started raising money for PROJECT PERU today. https://www.giveasyoulive.com/charity/project-peru/56945/144214

Also see http://projectperu.org.uk/fundraising/other-ways-of-giving.htm 

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You shop_Amazon gives_ helping support Project Peru.


This is quite a new scheme...don't forget to try it out.

Amazon will donate to Project Peru 0.5% of the price of your eligible Amazon purchases.

AmazonSmile is the same Amazon you know. Same products, same prices, same service.

Support Project Peru by starting your shopping at https://smile.amazon.co.uk/ch/1049413-0. But, firstly, you need to register with them to be able to support us this way!


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Peruvian Christmas cards for sale

If you would like to make a specific order for any of these hand-made Peruvian Christmas cards please put your order in early as we have a limited stock; please contact us. £3.00 each.

For a wider selection of these original hand-made, Christmas-themed cards and more details see http://projectperu.org.uk/uk-activities/craft-sales/las-laderas-christmas-cards.htm  

For other greetings cards [not specifically Christmas ones] see http://projectperu.org.uk/uk-activities/craft-sales/las-laderas-greeting-cards.htm 


or http://projectperu.org.uk/uk-activities/craft-sales/greeting-cards-made-in-villa-el-salvador.htm

 Several more examples are on view on the website

Please enquire about availability of any of these cards go to  information@projectperu.org.uk

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Project Peru: a short video about aspects of life in our refuge

See https://youtu.be/F5tKVQCSKf0

This video [about 4 minutes long, with its commentary in Spanish with English sub-titles] includes input from both staff and children at our refuge.

Some comments about the film:

"I think the video is fantastic. It gives a really good flavour of life at the refuge as well as the ethos and philosophy behind it. You are right, focusing on the positives of what Project Peru is doing in the lives of these children is a refreshing approach to a charity video. Focusing on what can be achieved through truly caring for these children and giving them back their childhood, which in turn will give them the strength to face adulthood and all the challenges that will bring, presents the key philosophies on which Project Peru is founded. Well done to you all."

"I absolutely loved the video link of the children at the refuge. It is fantastic...Those children...they just look like they have amazing characters and it was lovely to look at their daily lives."

Some photos taken during the making of the film:

Continue reading Project Peru: a short video about aspects of life in our refuge

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