Putting their best foot forward for us on the Offa's Dyke trail-just completed 177 miles in 13 days: still time to donate!

A fantastic effort! 22 walkers in all participated in the 177-mile Offa's Dyke walk in Wales over 13 days in April/May 2019




The Project Peru logo shows a 'chasqui' runner, a design derived from Mochica pottery. As did the Incas later, the Mochica people used these 'chasquis' as relay runners to deliver messages and goods throughout Peru. The Moche or Mochica culture prevailed in the northern coastal region of Peru from about 100 AD till about 800 AD. These modern-day 'chasquis' all put their best foot forward to support us. Can you help by 'clicking' and supporting them? or could you do something similar?...or different? ...to raise funds for us?

Please give all of us whatever support you can: gracias!

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Our annual cargo to Peru


All hands on deck to unload the container when it arrives; the children especially love to lend a hand.

See https://www.charitychoice.co.uk/project-peru-5466/news/our-latest-container-from-the-uk-arrives

 Below; loading up in the UK


Thanks to all our supporters who have donated or paid for items for this container or helped with its packing and delivery in so many ways. This provides a vital suppport for our work in Peru.

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