Project Peru delivers the goods in the Andes

As well as providing for our children's refuge, which is our core activity, we try as far as possible to work in the wider community. This time a group of staff and volunteer family have were able to visit older people in the community in the Ayacucho area of the Andes to distribute a load of zimmer frames, wheelchairs, walking sticks, as well as warm clothes, hats and blankets for the winter, which had been sent in our latest container consignment from the UK.

To see a few photos go to goods-in-the-sierra

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Volunteer with Project Peru in Peru?

We can arrange tailored volunteer placements in our project in Peru for volunteers of all ages and are looking for volunteers at any time during 2019 and beyond. We can be quite flexible, so just enquire and we can discuss it with you! There is a whole range of activities that volunteers may be engaged in, and the more varied the skills that a volunteer can offer the better. Many volunteers also raise sponsorship money for us by doing the Inca Trail. You might do  some work in our garden? or in our library? teach English? learn Spanish? art? music? sports? computers? building? sewing? help look after our children?

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You too can raise funds for us!

 If you're thinking up a challenge or a fundraiser and looking for a charity to do it for, please choose Project Peru. We do what we say on the tin: we raise funds with minimal overheads and spend nearly all of it on our project in Peru. No office, no paid staff at all in the UK let alone mega salaries and costs. We have over 25 years' 'history' too of working on our project.

OR Look at our fundraising section to see how many other different ways there are to help us

It costs us about £100 per child if you gift aid it to keep a child for a month in our refuge; we always accentuate the positive achievements we have been able to offer over the past 25 years but we do still need the maximum support you can give.

Where we are in Peru conditions are getting worse not better: see a recent OXFAM report in summary here: 

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How to make a donation to Project Peru that doesn't cost you a penny

Many on-line suppliers will make a donation to Project Peru if you choose to nominate us as the charity to support with your purchase.


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Guildford Festival Craft Markets

Every Summer, in June

Guildford High Street


Please view our page on Craft Stalls here

Map Of High Street Guildford 

We are looking for opportunities to find good new venues for our craft sales and we would be delighted to hear from you. We welcome new outlets for our crafts and within limitations we are able to supply stock to individuals known to us who want to have sales at home or in other locations, so please feel free to enquire via or ring 01483 576093

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Our fundraising event_Alice Holt Forest Sponsored Cycle or Stroll_Sunday 19th May 2019

The day was a great success, but if you missed it, please make a donation. It's not  too late!

Raising funds to support our work, Project Peru’s sponsored bike ride and stroll or everyone including children and families. If you just couldn't come along please make a donation here now:

You can follow the 'Family Cycle Trail' or a number of other trails that go through the Forestry Commission's Alice Holt Forest near Farnham, Surrey, GU104LS. ;and you don't have to cycle and are free to go where you want while raising sponsorship for us just by participating. No pressure, just go your own way at your own speed!... you can walk it, walk the dogs, push the pram, jog it ... it really is for everyone! Or hire a bike if you want to?

This is an annual event. You go at your own pace. Enjoy an all-day picnic too, which we provide. 

Photos of past events.

Map: GU10 4LS Alice Holt Forest Park, Nr Farnham, Surrey    Sat Nav ref.decimal degrees.     51.169305, -0.840999 

(The Education Centre is near the entrance to the Car Park that goes towards 'Go Ape')

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Putting their best foot forward for us on the Offa's Dyke trail

A fantastic effort! 22 walkers in all participated in the 177-mile Offa's Dyke walk in Wales over 13 days in April/May 2019

The Project Peru logo shows a 'chasqui' runner, a design derived from Mochica pottery. As did the Incas later, the Mochica people used these 'chasquis' as relay runners to deliver messages and goods throughout Peru. The Moche or Mochica culture prevailed in the northern coastal region of Peru from about 100 AD till about 800 AD. These modern-day 'chasquis' all put their best foot forward to support us. Could you do something similar?...or different? raise funds for us?

Please give all of us whatever support you can: gracias!

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Our annual cargo to Peru


All hands on deck to unload the container when it arrives; the children especially love to lend a hand.


 Below; loading up in the UK


Thanks to all our supporters who have donated or paid for items for this container or helped with its packing and delivery in so many ways. This provides a vital suppport for our work in Peru.

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Back to school

The school year starts after the long Summer break, in March.

To see more go to

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A fresh lick of paint

An enthusiastic team of volunteers from a major UK company working in Lima, several of whom are regular visitors to our refuge anyway, had an 'awayday' before Christmas 2018, painting new lines for our football and basketball pitches, as well as painting the goalposts, the volley-ball posts, renewing the nets, and repainting the basketball 'backboards' and the seating terraces.

One comment from the team: 'Project Peru has done so much for these young people, so we're glad to help in some way. We all enjoy being part of something positive and working with people full of enthusiasm.'

To see a few photos go to

The dimensions of the whole sports pitch are 30 metres x 18 metres; this construction was originally funded and built from scratch by a team of students from the UK Universities Air Squadrons in July-August 2005, as can be seen in progress here...

To see more on the development of our land over the years go to

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