Volunteers in Peru

  From time to time we welcome volunteers at the refuge in Peru. We will nearly always try to discuss this face to face before selection, and would encourage volunteers to be actively engaged with us before going. Though there is no formal charge we require volunteers to raise money for us to support the ongoing costs of our work and to cover the costs of their own stay. We can give advice on this. Many volunteers raise sponsorship money for us by doing the Inca Trail. There is a whole range of activities that volunteers may be engaged in, and the more varied the skills that a volunteer can offer (plus a working knowledge of Spanish), the better. Some volunteers in Peru are already long-term supporters, some become so after being there. Some come in groups, some as individuals, some as part of a university elective placement or study period abroad, or through short visits arranged through travel companies, some come as part of staff development programmes, some are recently retired and some may have specific building projects that they have raised funds for. We are always interested to hear from potential volunteers who share our philosophy.

We may frequently have volunteer opportunities for qualified professionals particularly in the fields of English language teaching, art teaching, play therapy, and librarianship.

 We are very experienced in hosting groups of volunteers or visitors who come with funding for specific projects we have set up for and with them. Over the years such groups have included people from Edinburgh University, West Yorkshire Scouts, Leeds University, Leeds Metropolitan University, Soltun High School [Norway], both UK and London Universities Air Squadrons, The Army Intelligence Corps, a group of optometrists mostly based at Moorfields Eye Hospital, Ormskirk School, Amoria Bond [a Manchester-based recruitment company], optometrists from the Amigos Eye Project of Pacific University Oregon, and a short visit by some of the Tartan Army of Scotland supporters who were in Lima for a friendly international match prior to the 2018 World Cup.

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Some recent edited comments by volunteers and visitors to our refuge.


'...and thankfully after a random meet, heard about Project Peru. It's a flippin' amazing place-a refuge for around 50 kids, all needing a safe haven, which amounts to a massive lovely family-one that I've been grateful to join...'

'I will miss waking up to the kids laughing and shouting to each other, and not being able to step a foot anywhere without coming across them..but I am also sure that I will see everyone again and will always be a part of Proyecto Perú.'

'Project Peru has done so much for these young people, so we're glad to help in some way. We all enjoy being part of something positive and working with people full of enthusiasm.'

'The children and staff at Project Peru never fail to leave a lasting impression on anyone who meets them. Our team has always been welcomed in so warmly, so we were thrilled to do our bit to help provide an environment to allow these children to experience the joy and friendship that sport can bring. We continue to  work with Project Peru ....' see https://www.charitychoice/project-peru-5466/news/a-fresh-lick-of-paint

 The art of volunteering: see http://projectperu.org.uk/news/2018/06/20/the-art-of-vounteering-in-peru.htm

'...It was one of the most rewarding things I have done in my life...I received a really warm welcome...and was immediately made to feel part of the family, so much so that there were tears shed when it came to leaving. What really struck me while I was there was just how happy and polite the children were, despite the troubles they must have been facing in their home lives- I could see what an amazing difference Proyecto Perú was making to their lives...Spending time learning about life at Proyecto Perú was an invaluable experience.'

The Tartan Army visit

'Performance put on for us by the kids in the refuge was another humbling experience...delighted we could donate to Project Peru, a fantastic charity.'

'Morning of the game, visited Project Peru with the Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal...thanks so much for allowing us to come along...had an ace time.'

'What a fantastic job being done by everyone at Project Peru. Proud that we can help in a small way...'

'Peru you have been incredible. Lima is an amazing place.'


 'Being part of Project Peru's mission in such a dynamic country as Peru was a truly enriching experience for me and one I will look back on fondly....The charity not only creates a safer world for children but empowers the local community by providing jobs.'

'[She] is finding her stay very enriching and is blown away by Project Peru. She is in awe of what you have created, the dedication of the staff and the impact on generations of Peruvians to help them get out of the cycle of poverty and to have the opportunity to have stable, consistent childhoods with a proper education.' 

Two comments following a group building project;

'Just wanted to say thanks so much for another incredible experience. Everyone involved said it was one of the most rewarding experiences they have taken part in. It was a privilege to see many of the children who have grown up since the first time I met them...so much nourishing soul in that refuge, so well done, and keep up the great work.'

'Another amazing project with huge amounts accomplished, relationships forged and deepened. Aside from the homes for the families and the impact on the community all the new volunteers gained valuable insights and humility.'


 'I can't thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to go to Project Peru and to become part of the amazing project it is. I am certain that I'm going to continue supporting the project and the children, I don't understand how it could be possible to forget!'

 Thank you for the incredible opportunity to visit your work in Peru; the amount of work you have managed to accomplish is nothing if not inspiring.’


  A group of American and Canadian optometrists stayed at our refuge while doing clinics in the community...

‘We had the most amazing time at Project Peru, my heart is so full!  I am so amazed by everything that you are doing there. Thanks! You have done an AMAZING job at the refuge and I can only hope to some day be able to make a difference like that.’

'We were shown in to a wonderful safe haven for the children who live there.'

'Everyone was so welcoming and accommodating, it truly felt like a second home by the end of our stay.'

'Thank you so much for allowing us the opportunity to stay at Project Peru and to get the chance to see what a beautiful and wonderful place it truly is.'

'Visiting and interacting with the kids made me so happy and the positive energy and the excitement the kids had was infectious.The life-enhancing work from those who work at Project Peru was incredible, and I'm happy to see such great work being done in Peru.'

'It was invaluable to have a home base to come back to after clinic each day.'

'I was extremely humbled by seeing the amount of good work that Project Peru is doing in the area and the positive impact that Project Peru is having.'


‘A truly wonderful project-

-words fail to adequately express the remarkable work being done, the incredible people involved and the overall inspiring feel to the place! The atmosphere can only be described as welcoming – the whole place functions as one big family and I was lucky enough to be accepted into and part of that! There is never a shortage of things to get stuck into; dance classes, textile lessons, the vegetable garden (to name a few), you learn much more than you’d ever think and have a fabulous time whilst doing so. The children are lovely, cheeky and always smiling; the project gives them the chance to be just what they should be – children! All the staff are extremely dedicated, hardworking and good role models for the children. All in all a very special place that I will miss.’ 

'Magical people, magical culture, magical country...

..Thank you so much for letting me stay in the refuge. I feel very privileged and attached to them over there and would much rather be there than here!'

'A fantastic charity for some of the most wonderful children my pupils and I have ever met...' following a school group visit in April 2015

'The project is set in what you would imagine to be a typical poorer Latin American neighbourhood, full of stray dogs and not an inch of tarmac in sight on most of the roads. Upon opening the gates of the project visitors will truly be awestruck by the grounds of the project itself. It truly is a piece of paradise amongst some of the most deprived areas of the city, full of lush plants and well equipped buildings. The children are an absolute delight and clearly happy to have been given this lifeline and opportunity to break the cycle of poverty into which they were born. They value the education that the project promotes so well and are extremely thankful to the staff at the project and the project leader in the UK. This is why Project Peru needs continuous support, which will always be gratefully received. Without Project Peru the outlook of these children would be very different and Project Peru should be commended for this.' 



 'Five months at Project Peru was not enough for me...

...Starting with a very warm welcome, I soon had a whole new family and some fabulous friends. With smiling faces all around I felt a great sense of community that this project has created as well as a promise of a brighter future and a sense of self worth. For many of the people I met, Project Peru is more than a charity, it is a helping hand that's stretched out to them and they are proud to be a part of it. I, too, can say that I am proud to be a part of Project Peru and to have experienced the great work that they do.'


 'They are a stellar organisation.'

'.. the volunteering was really great with Project Peru.  - they are a stellar organisation and are doing SO MUCH good for the area - I'm really impressed. .. It's a quality organization that is really helping the community.  I would recommend them to anyone..'

'From the moment I first started talking with Project Peru I knew that this was a unique operation.  The focus is fundraising rather than volunteering so I felt really lucky that we were able to volunteer with them.  The process was very thorough as I think it was the first time I ever had references checked for volunteering and it left me wondering why more places didn't do that.  My niece received great support from Project Peru for her fundraising and she appreciated the advice she received for setting up the online campaign. 

The facilities for volunteers were very nice, clean, and it was good to have our own space. Project Peru in UK did a great job of setting up our time there and coordinating between all of the people on the ground to ensure that everything was as expected. 

It was super to be taken around Las Laderas and introduced to various people and other Project Peru programmes.  Working with the team to build the houses also went really well and was probably my favourite part of the week.  All of the Project Peru employees were very helpful to us and they definitely ensured we had everything we needed.  …I loved going to the market to see what it was like to feed all of these kids on a weekly basis! They were well looked after and they seemed really happy - it seemed like what they wanted most from us hugs and tenderness - and occasionally a game of football!... It would have been really easier had I known more Spanish as I think I could have connected more with the kids.'

Also see http://www.ottsworld.com/blogs/volunteering-in-lima-peru/ and you can also read one of our volunteer’s memories of our local market where we go every week http://www.ottsworld.com/blogs/lima-market-puente-piedra/

  "I've been here almost 8 weeks now and having 49 new brothers and sisters is still just as exciting as ever!"

'I was also lucky enough to be here for a week of the school holidays, which was amazing fun and so lovely to get to spend some quality free time with the kids. On Friday night of the holidays, we all went to the circus! The fact that everything here is done just as it would be for an average family of 3 children never stops being enchanting. 3 hours before we left, Operation Popcorn begun. We made each child their very own bag of popcorn, and then proceeded to fill 2 black bin bags with 60 bags of popcorn and walk up the road to the public bus stop to get the bus to the circus. The circus was such a dream come true for the children…

Then, as if that weren't enough, we went to 'Brisas de Titicaca' the very next day! There were lots of traditional dances to watch which were really impressive and then a few dances which everyone went onto the dance floor to dance to! It was such a surreal and incredible day; the host introduced the casa hogar as being children from extreme poverty and they were all sitting there with polished shoes and their best coats and every girl with a princess plait! Project Peru were all dancing in a big circle together! It was so amazing to watch the enchanted faces of the public at how beautifully behaved they all were and how much like a big family the casa hogar clearly is.'

 'I now feel part of the Project Peru family.'

I have recently returned from Project Peru where I had a fantastic time. I would like to say a big thank you to everyone in Peru for all the love and support given to me during my stay. The children were so lovely that I wanted to bring them all home with me. They were all such fun to be with. I feel privileged to have met some really amazing people .When I got home it all seemed so quiet! I was a bit apprehensive at first but this proved unfounded and I now feel part of the Project Peru family.

 'The work done really does change the lives of so many people.'

As a 19 year old gap year student embarking on my first experience of voluntary work abroad. I was slightly apprehensive about diving into the unknown and admittedly it took me a few weeks to settle, but as the weeks and months rolled by I fell in love with the people, the places and the work being undertaken all for a variety of reasons. First and foremost the work of the staff at Project Peru is exceptional; the dedication to the children is incredible; the long hours worked to ensure the best for the children is truly commendable and perhaps most importantly the staff have created an atmosphere, though it may sound clichéd, of a family which in many cases is an absolute life-line for some of the children who come from dysfunctional families.As with any young children they all have their moments but on the whole they are truly delightful, they bring such a sense of joy to the refuge which is constantly filled with the sounds of children playing and having fun which after all is what children are meant to do. The interaction between children of all ages is brilliant to see as the older ones care for the younger ones and the younger ones entertain the older ones. They are such happy young people despite some difficult upbringings and are often transformed by their new life at the refuge. Incredibly strong friendships are made which continue to develop when the children leave the refuge and many past members of the Project Peru family return regularly showing the great connection people have with the refuge.

I am impressed by the fact that Project Peru gives the older children the opportunity to continue their education at college when they have finished at the local school. The children are taught a strong work ethic at the refuge which is invaluable as they enter the world of work. In addition the opportunities provided through education, the children have fantastic chances to develop skills in music, dance and drama as teachers come in to extend the breadth of knowledge of the children.
The work completed in the shanty town of Laderas is also something to be admired. The financial and physical support of Project Peru provides food and shelter for some who would be without otherwise. The newly built homes provided by Project Peru are simple yet stand out on the hillsides of Laderas against the thousands of run-down huts.

I have seen in my short time in Peru that the work done really does change the lives of so many people and there is so much more we need to do… it has turned into my home from home.


 'Just to say we had a FANTASTIC time at Project Peru.'

All of the staff were so friendly and the children were adorable !!!! We were really impressed with everything you have done there, it is a really lovely place for the children. You must be extremely proud. We were also really touched to visit the soup kitchen and to meet some of the people who live in the town there.'

  'Muchísimas gracias Proyecto Perú!'

"Project Peru really is a home away from home. From the very first moment I walked into the Casa Hogar I naturally felt at home. It is a wonderful place filled with some of the kindest, bravest and most generous people I have ever met in my life. I was greeted with many hugs, kisses and a poster the children had made for me. It was so overwhelming at the time and I was truly touched to have received such a warm welcome.
Some of my favourite moments were spent with the children. Having spent time at the refuge, it's clear that the project works. This is because of the staff there. The Director and her whole team, the House Mothers and the other supporting staff all play an important role. They are all so dedicated and passionate about their job and this is truly inspiring. I guess, this is because they don't think of it as a job. The kids get up as early as dawn and come out to help with the cleaning and getting breakfast ready. The youngest go to school in the morning and the others in the afternoon. When they get back, they help with the cleaning a little bit more and dinner. Everyone works there all the time. I'm not sure how but they do and they all do it with a smile.

I just want to say a huge thank you for letting me stay and looking after me as if I were part of the family. They always knew how I liked my food and my not-so-secret obsession with meat. I will always remember my time there and words really cannot express the gratitude I am feeling. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I will continue to help Project Peru and fundraise for this amazing project. I'm sure that it has left more than just an impression on me. I look forward being part of this wonderful family." 

... and  a few more comments by others in 2013

“The children in the refuge have made the biggest impact on me, how they are raised, how they are thankful for your presence and for the time and attention you are giving them, and how they still look happy after what they have been through. I will honestly never forget those children.”

“From start to finish I felt so welcome by the community in Las Laderas and the staff and children at Project Peru. To support a charity is great but to actually get involved and execute the objectives of a charity is even more rewarding. Being able to see exactly how and where the donations are used makes all the fundraising worth while.”

"It was an amazing experience and I think you are brilliant. I am sure I will be back again with friends and family to support the children and to help more people."

“Project Peru is a wonderful charity and you have done a fantastic job in keeping it going over the years ,with so many wonderful children having benefitted from the care and opportunities that you have provided for them.“

“Glad to hear everything is well at Zapallal. I miss being at The Casa Hogar an awful lot, and would like to thank you again for giving me the opportunity to go there! When I’m settled at Uni. I'll see if there is anything I can do for Project Peru from up there”.

“I miss them all a lot, and do think of them often. I would love to return there sometime next year”

“I had a lovely time at the refuge. Really miss the kids.”

“Had such a great time in Peru. The children and project are amazing and truly inspirational.”


"The work that Project Peru has done to build such a safe haven for the children is truly outstanding." 

"As soon as I stepped through the gate into the Project Peru refuge I knew what an amazing place it was going to be.  I had no doubt in my mind from what people had said that it was going to be special, but I really didn't realise just how special until I was there.  All the children had made a poster welcoming me to their home, and every single child came up to me with a hug and a kiss.  It was so overwhelming and I was truly touched to have received such a warm welcome. 

Although the language barrier proved to be frustrating at times (wish I had taken the time to learn more Spanish before my trip!), all the staff and children made me feel so at home and part of their family.  The staff are an inspiration - I have the utmost respect and admiration for them and the hard work they do.  There is the perfect balance of discipline and love between the staff and children, something that you rarely see back in the UK.  The children are out of this world.  Having been through so much hardship in their life, they are still so full of happiness, kindness and love.  And the refuge itself - wow, it really is a diamond in the rough.  The work that Project Peru has done to build such a safe haven for the children is truly outstanding. 

I look back at my time at the refuge as one of the most inspirational, loving and special times of my life so far.  I miss the children and staff terribly but hope to return one day (this time with the ability to speak Spanish!)  Until then I will continue to support and fundraise for Project Peru and the amazing work the charity does." 

 "Just wanted to say a massive GRACIAS for the amazing experience."

"I had the most amazing time, it really is a truly special place.  The staff are amazing and the children are a reflection as they are the most happy, grounded, respectful and beautiful children I've ever met.  You are soooo right and I cannot wait for the next time to go and see them as I miss them all terribly'"

 "It was a life changing experience for me."

 "In 2007 I trekked the Inca Trail and it was a life changing experience for me.  I returned from Peru so moved by the people that I met, I just knew I had to give something back.  I found Project Peru on the internet and after one phone call ...I was hooked.  Since that phone call in 2007 I have met the most amazing and generous people both here in England and of course in Peru.  I volunteer with a talented group of men and women and together we raise a lot of money for our refuge inLima.  I have been to the refuge four times in four years and each visit is more special than the first.  The women who work there are so inspirational and full of love for me and all of those who volunteer for Project Peru.  This charity has become an important part of my life.  I look forward to my continued friendship with all those involved and I can’t wait for my return trip to la Casa Hogar in 2013!"


"I initially went to coach football and team sports."

"I have returned home to England after spending 6 weeks in Project Peru's casa hogar and I instantly want to return. Before I had left it was in my mind that I wanted to stay. If money and work allowed it, I would never have left. I initially went to coach football and team sports - which I did every day. Yet I found myself involved in all sorts of activities with all the different children, I was never bored nor alone. The children were charming, motivated and happy. They had been provided with a new view of life, with an opportunity, something they may never have had without Project Peru and everybody who supports them. The staff are the same…. warming individuals who genuinely appreciated my presence.

Before I arrived in Peru I had no idea what to expect, and I still could not describe the Casa Hogar, because words, photos and feelings can only be explained once you have experienced them yourself. Everybody who is involved with the charity has helped achieve this. It is a wonderful place."

  "We spent part of our honeymoon at the refuge."

“The better journeys in Peru do not begin along the well-worn ‘Gringo Trail’; they start in the north of the country where the pre-Inca civilisations are situated.  By following the evolution of these societies, it is possible to grasp fully why the engineering of the Incas was so brilliant, why their administrative organisation deserves the admiration it attracts through the modern marketing that brings almost one million people to Machu Picchu each year.  
Equally, tourists frequent the south of Lima, yet many harbour a prejudice against crossing the river Rimac that divides the Peruvian capital.  This barrier deprives tourists of a rich culture, and it diverts their sensibilities from a vibrant, intriguing reality. 
The refuge at Zapallal is a hidden gem, just to the north of Lima.  Through the on-going work of committed staff, it provides the setting for an evolution for many children, each with their own talents and dreams of a career.  Volunteers can take a very active part in this process, allowing the children to grasp opportunities and convert their aspirations into tangible results.  
We were honoured to join the children and staff during our honeymoon in Peru.  The refuge is saturated with enthusiasm and happiness, effortlessly dispelling any negative preconceptions even the most discriminating mind could possess.  The music class performances would grace any venue in Miraflores or Barranco.  The children’s aptitude for learning and their thirst for knowledge is remarkable. We felt privileged to share our time with the children and we found their attitude inspirational.  
The peoples of Peru before the Spanish arrivals never forgot their predecessors – they learnt from them and improved. Volunteers can learn from the children and staff at Zapallal as much as they can teach. And such connections can strengthen over the years as the children realise their ambitions, which is why our involvement with Project Peru will continue.  Volunteers can make a vast difference if they, themselves, open their eyes to the wonder of humanity and justice.” 


Comments from some of a group of 12 visitors to Project Peru working on a building project in Las Laderas in July 2011;

"Just wanted to drop you a line to say congratulations on having done so much to help the people of Las Laderas, the project is such a success and seeing how happy the children are speaks volumes for the work you ...have done.  It was a fantastic experience to be part of, and I hope it's something I can repeat.  What better way to keep grounded and appreciative of what my family and I have, than to see that despite the extreme personal challenges and poverty, the people of Las Laderas can remain so positive and happy!"
"Thanks again: was a very real experience".
"...we were welcomed off the plane by the lovely family that oversees Project Peru who drove us to Project Peru HQ where we were given the warmest of welcomes…..genuinely touching.  The staff & children gave us heartfelt cuddles straight off the bus, before treating us to a bonfire, burgers and a musical performance…before a group game of football which proved to be a great ice breaker and a lot of fun for all involved.It´s immediately apparent how much respect everyone here treats each other with and the compound is well cared for with everyone   having designated responsibilites and a strong sense of communal responsibility."

"The Childrens Refuge Family-hats off to the people who founded the Project Peru Charity and the caring, nurturing team they have developed – who are making such a difference to the lives of so many children from disadvantaged backgrounds.  It really is a family atmosphere."
"The hospitality and dedication of the nurturing staff at Project Peru is outstanding and the children are fortunate to have such wonderful people caring so passionately for their well being. This really comes across in the mutual respect, humility, collaboration and ‘sense of calm’ within the refuge."
About the Las Laderas building project
"So it’s been full steam ahead and another 3 houses have been completed. The work pace is set and proud new home owners have been mucking in to assist in any way they can".
."...As we go into Friday afternoon, here is a quick update as to what has been achieved, and more importantly, what is still left to do!
30 concrete foundations done for 30 houses
15 of the 30 houses completed or close to being completed, 5 were completed prior to our arrival, 10 have been completed or near to completion since our arrival (just need the roofs for the last 3!)
15 kits on site which local builders will erect over the forthcoming 2 weeks on top of the remaining 15 concrete foundations
Estimated number of people rehoused is 150, primarily women and children due to the high percentage of single mothers."
"We´re already in discussions for the continuity of the project and future potential requirements. The enthusiasm from all involved back home in the UK and out here in Peru means we can all see longevity in our involvement here."
...."It’s been a full on week of long days & hard graft, but it’s all coming together.  We’ve already completed 7 Houses providing homes for over 40 people. We’ve also managed to provide 100′s of donated sports items with Umbro sending over 150 kit pieces to be distributed in the Las Laderas community".
"After long physical day’s labouring we’ve also managed to play locals (old and new) at Football, take the entire Children’s refuge team (staff & children) for dinner at a restaurant they usually only get to go to once a year as a Christmas present, teach English, play volleyball and even swap magic tricks and games with the consistently enthusiastic children."


“My trip to the refuge in Zapallal was very well planned, everything I was to do whilst in Peru was explained to me beforehand giving me a good understanding of what it was I would be doing and getting involved in. I was very warmly greeted at the airport and my first encounter with the children was brilliant, I arrived at the refuge and was greeted by every one of them gathered around a fire. I was introduced to them all and made to feel very welcome. All the staff at the refuge were extremely kind and always had time for me.

The difference the charity makes is immediately evident when coming in off the streets into the very well maintained and beautiful refuge and seeing many of the children playing or studying.

I found working in Las Laderas very interesting as I saw another area where Project Peru is making a big difference, I was also made to feel very welcome there too by Senora Rosa and the women working in the kitchen. Being able to build the houses was very rewarding and it was obvious that its benefits for the families were massive. I also had a good time working on a new plot of land Project Peru has bought just down the road from the refuge. During my trip I paid a number of visits to the plot to lend a hand wherever I could and enjoyed seeing something develop in that way.

When I was not working I always looked to play with the kids, whether it was card games with the younger children or sports such as Volleyball, Football, Basketball, and Tennis with the older boys and girls. I had a really fun time playing Volleyball when many people were involved all at one time including some staff members.

It was clear that the refuge is very well run and that many different areas are given lots of thought in order to always improve or continue development. I was made to feel very much a part of a family and having only spent just over a month there I felt like I knew everyone really well and it was sad to leave.

I was never without something to do and being there has really opened my eyes to the work that is done here in England and its importance. Having made many great relationships with both the children and the staff has made me even more eager to help out here in England and has left me wanting to return as soon as I can."



The following edited comments give a flavour of some impressions from some of our volunteers and visitors in 2010.

  • Love to... everyone over in Peru. The kids are amazing and I think the work you all do is fantastic.

  • I said to myself that as soon as I get a job  would donate regularly to the charity. My life and perspectives on life have changed dramatically since my work in Peru, it makes your eyes see differently... I would absolutely love to return to Peru as part of another project... The place that you have created over there is amazing and the work and charitable nature is unbelievable. I just thank you and all the children over there for what they have given me.

  • How wonderful it feels to remain involved with Project Peru; I know that this organization will be part of my life for a very long time. I am headed back to Peru in December, and I cannot wait to go to the 'casa hogar' and visit all those people I love so much. Por favor mandales mis saludos y besotes y abrazos!

  • I just also wanted say a really big thank you for letting us get involved with Project Peru, we really love it here and are really grateful, and proud to say we are a small part in something that is so amazing!!! I feel very honoured to have met some amazing and inspirational people...

  • I was blown away by the children, the staff and what has been achieved to date. All of the children are adorable. All of the staff that we met at the project, the refuge centre and at the soup kitchens were welcoming, loving and obviously passionate. The one message they wanted to tell me was not to forget about them when we went back to the UK. They don't have to worry about that. I don't think it would be possible to.

  • Volunteers and visitors in Peru in 2009


We had many volunteers and visitors from a wide age-range and variety of backgrounds staying at the refuge in 2009, including some from the UK, USA, Canada, Spain, and Norway. The following edited comments give a flavour of some impressions from some of our volunteers and visitors that year:

‘I can’t put into words how much I enjoyed my three months in Peru and how much I’ve learned. Saying thank you doesn’t even seem enough but I hope you know you have a supporter /helper/fundraiser and friend for life.’

‘We all had such a phenomenal experience. The work you do out there is so amazing –you touch and help so many people and I am so happy that you let me be part of that…’

‘The fundraising we did beforehand was hard work, more so for some than others. But I’m so glad that we persevered because that absolutely, without doubt, made our work so much more worthwhile and rewarding... ‘

'All your staff work hard at a project that really makes a difference in so many lives! Thank you so much for letting us see first- hand the work that you are doing. It moved me to tears many times!’

‘All in all it was a life changing time & leaving was harder than I had ever expected.’

'I am very privileged to have met the children and all the wonderful people associated with Project Peru and I cannot wait to go back and see them all again. I loved my time there and I really appreciate the thought that was put into my stay. I saw and learned so much and had fantastic experiences that I never could have imagined having.’

'All your staff work hard at a project that really makes a difference in so many lives! Thank you so much for letting us see first hand the work that you are doing. It moved me to tears many times!’

‘Thank you again for letting us be a part of la Casa Hogar. Thank you for trusting us enough to be a part of your work. It was an amazing and eye opening experience.’

'We really enjoyed our stay at your project. The staff were great and the work we did with the house-building…, I am sure, all of us will never forget. It was really nice to see how it progressed. The kids were amazing, so happy and full of energy. It was difficult to leave them.’

'Firstly thank you for giving us the opportunity to return to the refuge, I really, really appreciate it and feel so lucky to have been able to go there twice already. We all had such a great time out in Peru, it was just amazing to spend time at the Casa Hogar again and although things have changed and some children have moved on and there are others now …’

'Since I have been home I have been walking around with my head in the clouds wishing I was still in Peru with everyone. I had the most amazing time and obviously I would like to thank you for giving me the chance to go and help out at the refuge.'

'Thank you so much for setting up everything to do with the refuge. The health centres & clinics were a great experience medically and personally seeing how the health care differed and seeing two babies being born was phenomenal. Thank you for letting me be a part of Project Peru. It was a fantastic experience and opportunity to live with the kids, the staff and feel part of the community surrounding Project Peru.’

‘I just wanted to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to take part in Project Peru. I had a fantastic time there and seeing the roof go on the building was a great sense of achievement and showed that all our hard work paid off.’

‘I hope that sometime soon I can go back to see the soup kitchen fully operational.’

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