We have our own  sales of Peruvian crafts in the UK and encourage our supporters to host similar events. We welcome new outlets for our crafts.

We are in the Guildford High Street every summer as part of the Guildford Summer Festival, in association with The Rural Crafts Association http://www.ruralcraftsassociation.co.uk  

Ask us for our 2019 dates and venues.

Within limits we are able to supply stock to individuals known to us who want to have sales at home or in other locations, so please feel free to enquire from information@projectperu.org.uk

Project Peru has been able to make links with a women's craft group known as Llamkaq Warmi, in Villa El Salvador to the south of Lima, who make hand-made arpilleras (colourful everyday scenes sewn from scraps of material) and greeting cards

We also have links with a young women's cooperative in Las Laderas from whom we buy crafts.

We buy their craft work at a fair price and the proceeds of sales are spent on our own projects in Peru.



Map Of High Street Guildford,