Peruvian musicians

'KAUSARY' frequently play at Project Peru events and have been doing so for several years, either in concert at our own fundraising events or by invitation for weddings or special celebrations where Project Peru has been responsible for catering and /or managing an event.

"Kausary takes its name from Quechua – the native language of the Incas. It means ‘to revive’ and our music is about the revival and development of the music of our ancestors. Our aim is to share the cultural heritage of Peruvian and Latin American music, across the world. We are always delighted to add life and energy to your celebrations.”

Formed in 1995 by band leader Johnny Rodriguez, (a Peruvian and former member of Atahualpa), Kausary has a repertoire of traditional Andean and contemporary Latin fusion sounds, encompassing styles typical of the Andean highlands, coastal lowlands, Amazon, Criollo, Cuban and Latin.

Kausary at Burchatts Farm Barn, March 2003

'KAUSARY' have also been involved with us over the years  in our work in schools , and have considerable expertise in designing appropriate programmes for all ages, promoting Peruvian music, dance, and culture.

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