Is it your business to support Project Peru?

Businesses and charities can work together: if you can work with us it will help us both. Here are some ideas: whether you are in Peru or elsewhere.

Why Project Peru? We have minimal overheads; we have over 30 years’ experience after starting our project from scratch; we know that all our funds go where they are intended; we have about 50 children who live with us and depend on us daily so we can work to help make them independent adults.

Employees’ individual fundraising can give us all some benefit, both our charity, your staff, and your company or organisation … choose an event of your own for your staff or individuals or provide an opportunity to engage your staff more in charity events and activities. Many companies ‘match-fund’ charitable initiatives by staff members. Fundraising/Other ways of giving.

Payroll giving by individual staff members in the UK is both tax effective and helps give us a sustainable flow of funds so we can plan our work better: Tax effective ways of giving

Arrange a Christmas fundraiser?

A Christmas staff event would help fund our children’s education next year and our other Christmas activities in Peru.

A staff development or ‘staff bonding’ break from the UK to Peru? We can develop a programme which would combine a chance to see our work, to do something useful such as a building project, and to visit some of the wonders of Peru.

Or take your own career break from ‘the office’ and volunteer with Project Peru?

Volunteers in Peru