Small but important


Small but important.

Especially for UK supporters faced with lockdown again, and in the run–up to Christmas.

Many 1,000s of UK shops and traders will make a small % donation to Project Peru when you make an on-line purchase; so please sign in below before you start buying.

Darkest Peru maybe, but with minimal overheads please be assured that the maximum amount of your donation will be spent on our project there. And this will cost you nothing.

Firstly, register with any of the on-line platforms you see below to be able to support us this way! Then whenever you are shopping you need to go first via the platform to the store or outlet you are shopping with, and only then will your purchase count. Often though, if you have something already stored in your basket, you can go back to it via the platform to make your purchase. And note that not all platforms cover the same stores or traders