At last, a day out!

For the first time for about 18 months the children from our refuge had a day out, with a safe excursion to the Lomas de Lachay, which was thoroughly enjoyed by staff and children alike.

The Lachay National Reserve (Reserva Nacional de Lachay) is a protected area about 65 miles north of Lima, and protects part of the lomas ecosystem. The lomas ecosystem consists of areas of coastal desert hills that receive enough moisture during winter [June to October] when vegetation develops and plant life thrives turning the whole area green, unlike the drought conditions in summer. They are sometimes described as islands of vegetation in a virtual ocean of desert.

Lomas is the Spanish word for hills, but in Peru there are several UNESCO Heritage Sites (Reservas Nacionales) of which Lomas de Lachay is one. These are also known as ‘fog or mist oases’ and are situated in the foot-hills of the Andes in areas that bloom with vegetation in the winter months between July and October, and are wonderful for carbon storage. Most of the coastal area is arid desert but climatic conditions cause a few lomas to transform into these amazing green areas amidst the rocky outcrops. Just perfect for a day out, especially when you have not left the confines of our refuge for over 18 months … what an adventure! 

If you would like to help us fund more days out for everyone in our refuge, do be in touch