The changing climate in Peru

The drawings above show characteristic vegetation from Peru’s coastal region illustrated in designs from Chimú pottery (approximately between 9th & 15th centuries AD).

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We are doing our best to be ‘green’ in our refuge: A secret garden in the shanty towns

But this is the environment we are surrounded by:

The landscape near our refuge.

This tree [below] may be miles away from where we are. But see a 2021 article on climate change in Peru:

Shihuahuaco: one of the most endangered trees in the Amazon region.

Climate change in Peru – a 2021 article

However the coast of Peru near where we are situated has also been affected by climate change over the years, particularly recently, affecting the Pacific Ocean currents, and by human activity earlier, initially during the Spanish colonial period, including deforestation and excessive water use in the Andes for agriculture, causing rivers near the coast often to be dry. Additionally 2023 saw a huge rise in the spread of Dengue fever spread by mosquitos, which breed more rapidly with the warmer temperatures and increasing rainfall such as Peru’s coast experienced in early 2023.

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And for much more information about Peru go to: About Peru

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