Life goes on at our refuge

Our refuge has settled into a familiar rhythm. The children are all at school again. Several of our previous residents, now university students, are adapting to the challenges of life outside the oasis that is the Casa Hogar [our refuge] … keeping in touch and often returning ‘home’ to see their friends and to share in the life of our welcoming refuge.

Even the butterflies enjoy flitting from flower to flower in our refuge garden! There are loads of them, and dragon flies too … not to mention the birds, including the extraordinary humming birds.

It’s radish time again in our kitchen garden … the boys are harvesting them … and thanks to our green-fingered gardener those radishes are fantastic, and great for the salads which the children eat most days.

We have a much-used hairdressing salon in our refuge … equality here too … beautiful plaiting and a very efficient ‘short-back-and-sides.’

The children love reading … and being read to … our library is well stocked and is also used for doing homework; we have recently received a donation of new books … quite a wide variety of titles!

And we also get regular donations of food supplies from local food banks.

Thanks to all our supporters everywhere.