Our Christmas and New Year Appeal

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Enjoy wonderful celebrations despite the increasing suffering in the world. Project Peru’s survival depends on your generosity and on our outstanding Peruvian colleagues. Working together in unity is the only way to confront increasing global poverty. We realise that the challenging and chaotic state of the world makes the choice of a cause to support much more of a challenge, but for thirty years Project Peru has shared food, clothes, shelter, education, health and fun with children from extreme poverty in the growing vast, sprawling, sandy shanty towns of Lima. We also work on social initiatives with the local communities, helping those struggling to survive.

Our refuge offers community and opportunity to children who have no future: we continue to send students to university, to enjoy our productive secret kitchen garden in the shanty towns, while our library offers to fulfil so many dreams. The children share music, dance, singing, as well as hairdressing, sewing, crafts and, of course, sports of all kinds, especially football. Gardening and cooking are always firm favourites with everybody, the children and our great Peruvian colleagues alike. As every year we aim to distribute food parcels to those in greatest need and to celebrate the Christmas fiestas with everyone in our refuge and with many of the ‘third age’ community who are alone.

Without your overwhelming generosity, support and interest in our ongoing work in Peru none of our achievements would have been possible, both in our refuge and in the shanty-town communities.

So, we send you a huge and heartfelt thank you. We look forward to hearing from you and to receiving your vital donation: gracias.

Please use the Donate button on this page.

Or you could pay online in £GBP pounds and also in the following currencies: $USD [USA], $CAD [Canada], $AUD [Australia], and €Euros, by going to: Justgiving Project Peru Christmas Appeal