Christmas and the end of another year

Firstly, thanks to all who donated so generously to our Christmas 2023 and New Year Appeal 2024 … which is still open for business: Justgiving New Year Appeal

We were again lucky enough to have the much appreciated and generous support of our long-standing friends at Amoria Bond who once again donated a wide variety of edible goods which we distribute to the most marginalised in the Project Peru family, and to those in the local, vast shanty town communities.

As part of these community celebrations we invited a group of ‘the third age’ to come and share an afternoon of fun, food, dancing, games, and a show put on by the children of all ages who live in our refuge.

And also we distributed ‘canastas’ (food parcels) to each and every one, and we do the same for the ‘tutores’ (guardians) of each child living with the Project Peru family.

At a later date we will distribute food … and clothes … parcels in the local shanty town community where our fabulous Peruvian colleagues know of those in greatest need.

Your ongoing generosity and help enable Project Peru to go on sharing practical and much needed support to those in greatest poverty … a huge and heartfelt thank you.