About us

Anchored in long-lasting, long distance friendships and inspired by years of solidarity with Latin America, Project Peru is giving back to those who have given so generously. A lively, imaginative, voluntary initiative that is tuned in to reality, we took off in 1992 from Guildford. Today we are flying high, picking up passengers from coast to coast, people of all ages, all persuasions, all abilities. The ticket to ride is free but do look at the small print before you jump on to the roller coaster that is Project Peru. It reads – Transforming awareness into commitment and action. Awareness of the marginalised and exploited in a stunningly beautiful country with ample resources for all. Commitment to those living in poverty and denied so much, on so many levels, every day. Action to remove barriers and offer chances to those in need, especially the most vulnerable. To this end we pledge people and resources invested with enthusiasm. We enjoy direct interaction with those at the refuge in Peru, where friendships blaze and buildings rise.

Despite the ongoing struggle to provide even the most basic elements, our refuge is a haven for the many children and others in need who co-operate in the daily effort to find dignity through self-sufficiency and security through co-operation. In an atmosphere of mutual respect we believe that care and affection will replace exploitation and hopelessness. Frequent communication leads to greater understanding and enables us to respond quickly to specific needs. It is a privilege to work at the refuge where the divisive implications of the ‘first world’ and the ‘third world’ vanish, and even with few comforts it is the happiest place that many people from all worlds have experienced. We also concentrate on consolidating links already initiated by the distribution of goods sent by Project Peru in the UK, and on the interaction with community groups, parishes and local officials in Peru.

As castles in the air transform into bricks and mortar, water and bread, gardens and workrooms, we dream of a network of Project Peru refuges high in the Andes and in the furthest jungle.

This is your ticket to ride with Project Peru.

Welcome! ¡Bienvenidos!