Giving Shares to Charities

Over 12 million people own shares in the UK, worth a staggering £200 billion. If only a tiny fraction of these shares were donated to charities, imagine the difference it could make! There are considerable tax advantages too for the donor. Current HMRC information is available from

An ICM survey found that over 50% of people with shares did not know of tax relief, yet one in five would be prepared to donate shares if asked. Up to 40% income tax relief is available when people donate shares to charities. So for example if you are a 40% taxpayer and give £1,000 of shares to a charity your income tax bill will be cut by £400. Project Peru can accept large donations of shares or small numbers of unwanted shares that you may, for example, have inherited or received as a result of a windfall privatisation or mutualisation. They may generate more paperwork than income for you!

Project Peru would retain the option of either selling the shares immediately – or at a later date – in order to use the proceeds for our charitable purposes, or retaining the shares as an investment giving us income from the share dividends in future.