Payroll Giving

The simple way for working people to give to charity. But how does it work?

You make a donation straight from your gross pay before tax via your employer’s payroll giving scheme. A minimum of £10 per month can be deducted from your gross pay as a gift to charity. If you are an employee and wish to give to Project Peru in this way please discuss this with your employer.

If your employer has a scheme, choose how much you want to pay, tell the payroll department and they will do the rest. If they do not run a scheme already, encourage them to do it. It is easier than they may think and plenty of advice is available.

If your employer does not operate this scheme (or if you are an employer who does not yet operate a payroll giving scheme on behalf of your workforce) please contact one of a number of Payroll Giving Agencies or see elsewhere in the HM Revenue and Customs site.