Other Peruvian crafts

Please contact us for more details if you would like to purchase any of the items shown below.

Peruvian Mantas or large throws

Peruvian Finger puppets

Peruvian friendship bracelets

Peruvian shoulder bags

Peruvian hand-made purses

Peruvian hand-made dolls

Peruvian knitted hats

This is just a selection of our stock. Examples of these items are normally available at our craft stalls. Or we could post them with additional postage andpackaging charges as appropriate.

To purchase -or order if necessary- these crafts items, please first enquire by email about availability, quoting reference number [e.g. M 1] and indicating the quantity required for each item. information@projectperu.org.uk.

The items illustrated can vary. They are individually hand-made. The designs will be similar in style, content and material to the ones shown, but would not necessarily be identical.