Peruvian Crafts Information


A traditional Peruvian cloth. It is used in Peru by women to carry a variety of items such as food, firewood, or produce harvested from the fields or bought in a market, but also for carrying babies.

Colours: a variety of basic colours are available including red, green, orange, yellow, pink, dark blue, pale blue, turquoise but always mixed in with other colours and different pattern designs.

Cotton and acrylic fabric.

Approx. dimensions: 122cm x 200cm / 48” x 79”.

Cost; £30 plus any postage and packaging costs.

Finger puppets

A popular Peruvian woollen, hand-knitted item, ideal for small fingers, primary and nursery schools, grandmothers and Christmas or party presents.

A host of different animals, birds and fish, are available, some Peruvian some not.

Cost £2 each plus any postage and packaging costs.

Friendship bracelets

A popular Peruvian hand-made craft, popular with children of all ages.

These come in two different forms, one ‘flat / broad’ and the other ‘rounded’ or sometimes also ‘beaded’. All in a variety of vibrant colours.

Cost £2 each plus any postage and packaging costs.

Small Purses

These are small purses for loose change, keys etc;

One is square in shape and made of remnants of old ponchos, plain on the reverse side, and comes with a zip near the top of the front side. Usually in a thick brown patterned material.

Cost £4 each plus any postage and packaging costs.

The second comes generally in a bright patterned material with a zip at the top and a key ring attached,  and is slightly ‘barrel’ shaped

Cost £3 each plus any postage and packaging costs.

Shoulder bags

An attractive purse/ bag with a loop in black tape or cord to go over the shoulder; these are in a variety of colours and with a different coloured, patterned material on the front, with a zipped compartment, all on a black background. The bags open up with a ‘Velcro’ fastening and have two further small secure zipped internal compartments.

Approx. dimensions: 18cm x 16cm / 7″ x 6″

Cost £7 plus any postage and packaging costs.

Useful household items in a variety of Peruvian materials

We illustrate some of items that are available with an indication of prices below: there would be additional postage costs where these apply.

  • Cushions £5 – £12 depending on size
  • Glasses cases / mobile holders £3
  • Peg bags £10
  • ‘Heart-shaped’ lavender bags £3
  • Tote bags £12
  • Covered coat hangers £5
  • Pencil / crayon / make-up rolls £8 – £12
  • Scissor sets £10

To purchase – or order if necessary- these crafts items, please first enquire by email about availability and price, quoting reference number (e.g A-1 or description) and indicating the quantity sought for each item.