Films about the refuge

1. Project Peru: a short video about aspects of life in our refuge

This video from 2017 is about four minutes long. It’s in Spanish with English subtitles, and includes input from staff and children at our refuge.

2. Project Peru: A donation by Fleet and Hart Rotary Clubs

In memory of Cecilia Barandiaran-Sprot. The  donation from Fleet Rotary Club and from Hart Rotary Club and this film about it were inspired by Cecilia.

3. Project Peru: a documentary film about the refuge in earlier days

This documentary film was made at Project Peru’s refuge near Lima in 2007 by Mary Ann Vargas, a Peruvian film maker, and Gangway films. 

The film (11 minutes, in both English and Spanish) gives some background about how the project was started and includes input from both children and staff about life at the refuge as they prepare an entertainment for friends, families, staff and local supporters.