Peruvian crafts

Project Peru supports a number of organisations and women's groups who make cards, arpilleras* and other craft work in their homes, by buying their products at a fair price to sell at craft stalls in the UK.

 [*Arpilleras are a popular art form that has developed in the shanty towns of Latin America, using scraps of material, wool etc. to depict scenes of traditional life]



'Arpilleria' goods made in Villa el Salvador

Crafts made in Villa el Salvador

Greetings cards made in Villa el Salvador

Christmas cards made in Las Laderas

Greetings cards made in Las Laderas

For a brief description of the workshops making crafts and cards in Las Laderas see


NB: We do not necessarily have all these designs in stock, but we may also have other designs. These are - subject to availability - on sale at our Craft Stalls or by arrangement. In many circumstances we can have them made to order. Please feel free to enquire about availability and prices.