Our Background

Project Peru was started in 1992 and has been a registered charity since 1995.

Having lived and worked in Peru for many years, and travelled and experienced the reality of Latin America, the founders of Project Peru, who still run the project, felt that they wanted to give back to those in extreme poverty in a country which had welcomed them so warmly. After having organized a number of international fundraising initiatives, the founders of Project Peru became involved with a Peruvian colleague and friend who had established a precarious and temporary refuge and soup kitchen in the vast and growing desert shanty towns of Lima. [see photos below]. Together we agreed to transform the refuge into a permanent, welcoming and safe home for children from extreme poverty where we can offer, both to the children, the staff and those in the local community, real opportunities to break the circle of grinding poverty.

Where we started from

In the late 1980s prior to Project Peru’s involvement, the land was settled and used as a refuge for children and families displaced during Peru’s civil war and this was the basis from which we started in 1992.