Craft Sales

We have our own sales of Peruvian crafts in the UK and encourage our supporters to host similar events. We welcome new outlets for our crafts. We are usually in the Guildford High Street every summer as part of the Guildford Summer Festival, in association with The Rural Crafts Association. 

Map Of High Street Guildford, 

This is one of our main shop windows locally, but we are more than ready to have sales elsewhere.   

Within limits we are able to supply stock to individuals known to us who want to have sales at home or in other locations, so please feel free to enquire from

Project Peru has close links with a number of makers of hand-made crafts that are run either by women’s groups or groups of young people. We buy many of our crafts and all our greetings cards from them at a fair price, and the proceeds of sales are spent on our own projects in Peru.

Peruvian crafts

Project Peru supports a number of organisations and women’s groups who make cards, arpilleras and other craft work in their homes, by buying their products directly from them at a fair price to sell at our craft stalls in the UK.


Greetings cards made in Villa el Salvador

LL – B138

Greetings cards made in Las Laderas

LL- A104

Christmas cards made in Las Laderas

NB: We do not necessarily have all the designs or colours in stock that are shown in this and accompanying pages, but we may also have other designs. Or at times the design is the same but the colours are different from those showing here. These items are – subject to availability – on sale at our craft stalls. Or, by arrangement, we can post them to you. In certain circumstances we can have them made to order. Please feel free to enquire about availability and price.