Distribution of goods sent to Peru from the UK

In the UK we are extremely grateful to several transport companies who help us with sending our regular cargoes, as well as to individual and institutional donors of goods, and our volunteers who help with the process at every stage. However, the whole process in the UK was held up as a result of the pandemic but has been started up again in 2023.

In our refuge:

Much of the goods sent from the UK is for the use of the children in our refuge. This includes regular supplies of stationery, educational materials, medical equipment, books for the library, toiletries, furniture, household goods tools, clothes, shoes and blankets. Some examples of things we use in the refuge are shown below:

And further afield: as well as for use in our refuge, walking aids, wheelchairs, clothing, blankets and shoes collected in the UK and shipped to Peru have been distributed to identified individuals in need in the local communities near the refuge, in Lima or elsewhere in Peru.

We have been able to do this wider distribution in the local shanty town settlements, from time to time, near our refuge, in the high Andean sierra regions around Ayacucho, in an indigenous settlement in the selva, and in coastal zones affected by flooding.

Distribution of goods in the wider community

Institutions and organisations collaborating in the distribution of charitable donations have from time to time included:

  • Various district and municipal councils
  • Rural and indigenous communities
  • Other children’s refuges
  • The organisers of mothers’ clubs
  • The organisers of community kitchens
  • Various parishes in a number of communities

Occasionally, to support the local community, we hold a community tombola at the refuge and invite local people to participate; this also helps us to defray some of the transport costs for the goods.

Contact us if you’d like to contribute,  via information@projectperu.org.uk