Activities for schools

We are not currently able to run ‘schools’ events ourselves but the following will give a flavour of some of our previous activities, many of which schools will be able to run themselves.

Many schools have held ‘Peru’ days … or schools have adopted us for a term or a year, or have linked Peru to a programme of activities in the national curriculum, or have just held a one-off charity day in support of us. Such awareness raising sessions have been held in a variety of schools.

School assemblies, drama workshops or themed workshops have been based on issues, and awareness raising sessions including a workshop loosely based on our publication ‘El Nuevo Mundo about our children’s refuge.  To see more about these interactive workshops themselves print off the ‘El Nuevo Mundo / The New World’ flyer below. 

Peruvian dance, music and singing workshops, or evening concerts for parents, teachers and pupils. We are able to provide contacts for this sort of activity though geographical constraints will apply

Art sessions making Peruvian designs

Exhibits of Peruvian crafts

We encourage the children to help to give back to Project Peru through fundraising and donating, and can advise on this.

If you would like to contact us to discuss any of this please contact;


‘Osprey class held their long-awaited fair in aid of Project Peru, and what a success it was! After weeks of planning, the children ran their stalls admirably and have 12 large boxes of donations ready to be sent over to the refuge, along with an incredible £1,300! A huge thank you to everyone for supporting Osprey class throughout their fundraising this term and for the fabulous turn out. A massive well done to the superheroes of Osprey class, who have worked with such enthusiasm, determination, and commitment over the last three months!’ –  Westonzoyland Community Primary School, Somerset: extract from Newsletter.

The workshop was fantastic! The children really enjoyed learning about the refuge, and the activities that they took part in were so engaging. The workshop leaders were wonderful with them and really developed their interest and enthusiasm. The children also absolutely loved selling the crafts and everyone was so impressed with the quality of the stock. Thank you so much once again for all you did to make our project so special.’ –  A preparatory school in London.

‘Our year 6 pupils were learning a topic all about Peru. After contacting the charity we were able to organise a ‘Peru’ day. In the morning the children learned all about the charity through interactive activities. It really helped them to understand a world so dissimilar to the one in which they live. L. who worked with the children was passionate and informative… The afternoon was a music-filled treat! J.- an established Peruvian musician- came to the school to show an array of Peruvian instruments. The children were fascinated by his talent and again loved the opportunity to be able to talk to someone who had grown up in the country they were studying. Thank you to all for a fabulous day that the children will remember.’ Woodlands School, Borehamwood.

‘Our children had a brilliant time and were so engaged with the subject matter. It really brought to life everything we have been learning about in class. Every single child enjoyed it and we, as teachers, picked up some great workshop ideas.’ – Springfield School, Sunbury-on-Thames).

‘Project Peru is a small charity with a big heart. If you are looking for a charity to support with excellent school links including workshops and fundraising ideas, do contact them. Our children were able to see how their contributions changed the lives of children in the project’s refuge for children, fulfilling a major part of their PSHCE studies. The workshops were thought-provoking, moving and very professionally planned; I absolutely recommend Project Peru no matter how much or how little your school can raise’. – Prospect House School, Putney, London.

‘I just wanted to thank you on behalf of Tillingbourne School, and in particular year 5, for all the help, support, ideas and contacts you gave us during our International Week. We were able to plan and implement a very diverse and inspiring programme of activities for our 107 year-5 children. Our itinerary included:

  •  Music – a workshop delivered by your Peruvian friends; this really gave the children a fascinating and practical experience of the music, culture and geography of Peru.
  •  Drama – a workshop delivered by you which helped the children begin to empathise with some aspects of what the children in your refuge have experienced.
  •  Food – provided by your Peruvian friend – the children were able to taste traditional Peruvian food.
  • Art/Crafts – after discussion with you and using the books and pictures you lent us we put together a programme of activities for the children including patchwork Inca-style art, making hats, making ponchos, making a 3D map of Peru, making worry dolls, dance and making llamas.

The whole experience for the children (and the staff) was highly educational and inspiring, and we received a number of very supportive comments from parents as well. The children felt motivated to try and help with your work in Peru through the cake raffle, at the Christmas fair and on an on-going basis.

 Once again I would like to thank you for your expertise, enthusiasm and commitment which allowed us to put together such a wonderfully successful week for the children. We look forward to having an on-going relationship with Project Peru.’ –  Tillingbourne School, Chilworth, Surrey.

Llwynypia Primary’s Peruvian Week- … ‘Fun was had by all last week when the children learned about Peru. Year 4/5 who have been helping organise the week, were keen to share their knowledge and the resources gathered with the rest of the school. Mrs H’s class showed the children the location of Peru and Wales on a world map, read them Peruvian stories, explained about the topography and history of the country and taught them Spanish phrases.  They showed friendship bracelets and finger puppets which were made by a women’s co-operative in the shanty towns of Lima. (These proved very popular when they were sold in the school’s Fairtrade shop.) Anarpillera’, an appliqué picture made by the women, and which tells the story of their lives, was used to demonstrate how families have moved from rural areas of Peru to the city to look for work.  The year 4/5 children did a wonderful job of explaining about Peru to all the children from 3-year-olds to 11-year-olds. They gained confidence as they progressed through the school, adapting their presentation to the age of the children to whom they were speaking. This did wonders for their self-esteem especially as their audience listened intently. The school is very proud of all the children… Well done.’  – Llwynypia Primary School, Tonypandy, South Wales.