Our normal UK Activities

Please note that many of our regular public activities in 2020 were not possible due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and the same story continues in early 2021.

The UK activities of Project Peru normally have provided the bulk of the funding upon which our work in Peru depends. This funding has over the years mostly been self-generated, though from time to time we have received grants from private or public sector organisations, church groups, or trusts. We have a loyal group of individual donors and volunteers. We enjoy support from a significant number of companies who help us in the provision of services or by giving us preferential rates. Many other existing supporters raise funds for us by arranging their own activities or join in with others to raise funds for us. As well as raising funds we are also concerned about raising awareness of issues relating to the developing world. Throughout all our activities we try to do this, but more specifically through our work with schools.

The website gives an idea of what we ourselves do in the UK, such as crafts sales, educational sessions in schools, sales of goods, raffling cakes, arranging concerts or raising funds through sponsored events or activities.

We need your help too. We’d welcome your initiatives to support us! If you think we can help you find a way for you to help us, or to join with us in some of our activities, do let us know about it!

What do we do in the UK?

Sponsored events

Guildford to Paris bike ride

Alice Holt sponsored bike ride or stroll in the forest

Sales of Peruvian crafts


Greeting cards made in Villa El Salvador

LL card B-138

Greeting cards made in Las Laderas

LL card A-105

Christmas Cards made in Las Laderas

Schools workshops

Our annual cargo container to Peru: we send targeted donations of goods of all sorts to Peru

Our Christmas programme; our Christmas Appeal; sale of Peruvian Christmas cards, and our sales of Peruvian hand-made crafts and Christmas cards.

What could you do for us in the UK or elsewhere?

NOTE: many of the activities described below have been limited by the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent restrictions since March 2020 and this is still the case in early 2021

Not everything though!

Set yourself a challenge.

Even if you can’t yet join in a public sponsored event you can still choose us as your charity, organise your own individual challenge, for example a run, or any another personal challenge?

Virtually if need be!


Even if you can’t hold a Peruvian crafts sale at a local fair, at your  church, or at your school we could supply crafts goods for you to sell. A great idea for unusual birthday presents!


Ask for our support to build a ‘Peru’ component into your school curriculum. See how you could raise funds for us at the same time?

Peruvian music

We could suggest Peruvian musicians to enhance your own events or celebrations, at your special party. Or your wedding?

Businessis it your business to support us?

Payroll Giving

Shop for us 

and it won’t cost you an extra penny

Contribute to our annual cargo by donating towards the cost or the contents:  email us to ask for details information@projectperu.org.uk

Giftaid as many donations as you can – whether one-off donations or regular ‘monthlies’.

Other ways you can raise funds for us

Volunteer: everything we do in the UK is done by volunteers so see where you can fit in. 

Volunteers in the UK

Raise funds here before or after a visit to Peru; whether as a volunteer or not.

Or are you contemplating one of the Inca Trails?