UK Activities

The UK activities of Project Peru provide the bulk of the funding upon which our work in Peru depends. This funding has over the years mostly been self- generated, though from time to time we have received grants from private or public sector organisations, church groups, or trusts. We have a loyal group of individual donors and volunteers. We enjoy support from a significant number of companies who help us in the provision of services or by giving us preferential rates. Many other existing supporters raise funds for us by arranging their own activities or join in with others to raise funds for us. Apart from raising funds we are also concerned to raise awareness of issues relating to the developing world. Throughout all our activities we try to do this, but more specifically through our work with schools.

The website gives an idea of what we ourselves do in the UK, such as crafts sales, catering, educational sessions in schools, sales of goods, raffling cakes, arranging concerts or raising funds through sponsored events or activities.

We need your help too. We’d welcome your initiatives to support us! If you think we can help you find a way for you to help us, or to join with us in some of our activities, do let us know about it!