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Project Peru is a small, lively, totally voluntary UK-based charity offering food, clothes, shelter, education, health and fun to those who live in our children’s refuge in the desert shanty towns of Lima, and giving ongoing and practical support to others who live in extreme poverty in the wider community. Our refuge in Zapallal, cares for over 50 children and offers real opportunities to children and staff alike.

Project Peru is aware of the local needs and responds accordingly.

Project Peru aims to provide ongoing financial and material support, while encouraging dignity and independence for all.

Project Peru raises awareness of development issues in a Latin American context, offering practical and relevant solutions.

Project Peru’s web site aims to provide a comprehensive insight into how the two elements, in Peru and the UK, work together in unity on a daily basis, in spite of difficulties which might appear insurmountable.

To discover more about Project Peru simply click on the various links available on this site and read our FAQ s.

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What you could do to support us in these difficult times for everyone

Peruvian Crafts – to buy or could you sell them for us?

To see what else you could do for us in the UK or indeed wherever you are…whenever things open up again completely… whether you know us already or not, YOU can raise funds for us in a wide variety of ways…it doesn’t have to be a marathon or a sky-dive!

Get involved..

Women in Peru

As in most countries women represent about half of the population of Peru, but they do not have equal access to resources or power.

Please help us to do our bit to address this issue with the people we work with, the majority of whom are female; look for all the ways you can make donations or contributions to support our work.

–   You could help  a Women’s co-operative by purchasing some of their beautiful crafts

We sell a variety of handmade crafts made by a Women’s co-operative in Villa el Salvador. Especially the beautiful Arpilleras. Each one an individual design.

Volunteering opportunities in Peru: plan ahead for 2021

Volunteer in Peru

Trek the Inca trail

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Early days at our refuge in Zapallal