Volunteers in the UK

All Project Peru activities in the UK are on a voluntary basis and no one is paid a salary. Central and overhead costs therefore are minimal so that the maximum of what we raise can go directly to support our work in Peru.

Our greatest need is for volunteers wherever you are, not necessarily to give money, but to organise your own activities or events to help raise funds for Project Peru; organise a fund-raising event or workshop at your school? or in the office?

To enquire about how you can help to do this  please contact us on information@projectperu.org.uk

With Project Peru’s own activities there are some volunteering opportunities  including at our periodic catering events, at our crafts stalls, with our packing of goods for Peru, with driving, and many other things.

But as every aspect of what Project Peru does in the UK is voluntary you can help to support us wherever you are; this website gives an idea of what we do, such as crafts sales, catering, educational sessions in school, sales of goods, raffling cakes, arranging concerts  or raising funds through sponsored events or activities. If you think we can help you find a way for you to help us, do let us know about it!

From time to time volunteers who have worked with us in the UK may go to the refuge in Peru. Though there is no formal charge we do require volunteers to raise specific funds for us to support the ongoing costs of our work and to cover the costs of their own stay. We can give advice on this. Many volunteers raise sponsorship money for us by doing the Inca Trail

We are always interested to hear from potential volunteers who share our philosophy. We may frequently have volunteer opportunities in Peru for qualified professionals particularly in the fields of English language  teaching, art teaching, play therapy, and  librarianship.


Some volunteers who go to Peru are already long-term supporters, but some become so after being there. Some go in groups, some as individuals, some as part of a university elective placement or study period abroad, or through short visits arranged through travel companies, some come as part of staff development programmes, some are recently retired, some may have specific building projects that they have raised funds for.