Education and support

Education, support and extra-curricular activities

All the children who are resident in our refuge normally go to the El Dorado School, the neighbouring school – attending either for the morning or the afternoon sessions depending on their age. They are supported by Project Peru in the purchase or provision of educational materials, buying school uniforms and paying the obligatory annual matriculation fee for each child. This is a considerable expense at the start of each school year in March.

During the whole of the 2020 school year schools have been closed and we have been running a virtual education system inside the refuge. See also the news item on virtual schooling.

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We give the children additional educational support by keeping links with their teachers through the house parents and committee members.

In other ways the project concentrates on providing supplementary education for those children resident at the refuge who go to the local school, providing them with encouragement  to read and study on their own at the refuge, and giving them extra support where necessary. We employ an educational support teacher to help the children after school with homework, and to fill in educational gaps etc. Click here for photos.

We also focus on advice for the future of our older children and continue to support many of them directly, after they leave school.

We employ sessional teachers for sports, dance, music and other activities, and our staff  members offer sewing and cooking classes.

Our sewing room

In previous years we have participated in a competitive football ‘league’ between all the children’s homes in Lima [Lima Kids] and between 2012-2016 our girls’ teams reguarly won the championships.

Las niñas campeonaron, se llevaron la copa

Our music groups practise regularly and are often invited to play at outside events.

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Staff and volunteers work together to produce and design the costumes and decor for the annual Christmas entertainment including music and drama which involves all the children in activities appropriate to their age. There music and dance and a play with a nativity theme as well as drama with a modern social content. Parents and families and other invited guests come on this day, which has been an annual event since 2001. There is an extract from one of our plays in our film

In general a number of volunteers both Peruvian and from abroad help to ensure constructive use of leisure and recreation activities for the children throughout the year. In 2007 we had a volunteer artist in residence who produced some exciting work with the children which led to her production of a small book about her work with us – ‘El Nuevo Mundo’

Educational facilities at the refuge

As part of our radical building programme we now have not only larger class / homework /study rooms and a new library, but also a computer room, and we currently improvise by using some of our other facilities too. We also have rooms designated for sewing, music and English teaching.

We have also received a number of computers donated by education institutions and companies both in the UK and in Peru, and the children and some staff take full advantage of our computer room.

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