Celebrating our 100th house in Las Laderas

Result: probably 600 local people re-housed!

In August 2017 the 100th house was completed in Las Laderas – 101 actually – funded and built in partnership with Amoria Bond (a Manchester-based company). A team of Amoria Bond staff members together with two of our older boys completed this task. The Amoria Bond team stayed at the Project Peru refuge for a week while doing this. Since 2011 we have enjoyed this partnership with the Amoria Bond Charitable Trust which has funded all of these small wooden houses, and on three occasions their teams have done some of the building work. In all cases the building has been supervised and completed by local workers. Project Peru has facilitated the whole ‘project.’ Here are some of the comments from the volunteer team about their experience there:

Grounding’; ‘Real and rewarding’; ‘Inspiring’; ‘Deeply fulfilling’; ‘Once in a lifetime’; ‘A whole new sense of ….perspective’; ‘Life-changing’.

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