Make a marathon effort for Project Peru

The chasqui runners (as seen in the current ‘Project Peru’ logo–a design derived from Mochica pottery) were used as relay runners to deliver messages and goods throughout Peru.
The Moche or Mochica culture prevailed in the northern coastal region of Peru from about AD100 to AD800.


We have had successful Marathon OR Half Marathon runners for Project Peru… in PARIS and in LONDON and EDINBURGH and 10k’s in Manchester and Edinburgh and, as below, the HALF MARATHON in SANTIAGO…and many other runs such as the Great North Run, Iron Man Triathlons in Italy, Spain and Brazil and the Half Marathon des Sables in Peru.

Even if  you don’t know us but are looking for a charity to support in future marathons, or half marathons…or triathlons…or 10k or 5k … we are small and hands-on, with minimum overheads and have many years experience of running a successful project in Peru. We would welcome your support.

OR one of the INCA TRAILS?

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