Carry on at the refuge!

With Peru in complete lock-down, including a night-time curfew, borders, schools and all non-essential services closed and with limited internal transport, Project Peru continues to offer food, clothes, shelter, education, health and fun in the safe, green haven that is our refuge.

A huge thank you to all our incredible carers who ensure that the 40 children living in our refuge enjoy a wide range of activities from chess to basket ball, sports days, jigsaws, painting, and jenga, with not a device in sight! United the Project Peru family also collaborates to ensure that everyone has a role in keeping the refuge tidy and clean, food prepared and the garden watered.

Ensuring everyone works together offers hope in these challenging times, and your encouragement and support make a real difference and help us believe in a return to more positive days. 

BUT we do need additional support for this, so…. 

Please do keep in touch with us and donate generously any time [soon!]