Spring forward

Spring arrives in September in the southern hemisphere but our growing season has already started with new crops of fresh vegetables for our dining room.

And in Perú August 30th is the feast day of Santa Rosa de Lima who, apart from her care for the poor, is additionally known as the patron saint of embroidery, gardening and the cultivation of flowers.

Help support our work with those living in poverty in Peru, through our kitchen garden and our sale of hand-made crafts.

A few photos of the children giving a helping hand to harvest vegetables in our kitchen garden … lettuces, beetroot, aubergine, potatoes, avocado and yucca … all transformed into fabulous Peruvian dishes.

In case you haven’t seen the whole story of our transformation of the desert soil into a ‘secret garden’ do look at a ‘Secret garden in the shanty town’

or see some of our flower designs among our greetings cards: Greeting cards made in Las Laderas

or our ‘arpilleras’ featuring some of the vibrant colours and nature of Peru: Arpilleras made in Villa Salvador

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