Our cargo from the UK arrives

An update on our cargo of donated goods. We have regularly sent at least one container a year to our refuge for the past 30 years or so since our first sailing in January 1992. Our very first cargo was sent through Furness Withy in Liverpool via the Pacific Steam Navigation Company. The Pacific West Coast route was then taken over by Hamburg Sud and their direct involvement has continued all this time. We have used the following ports en route to Callao in Peru:- Liverpool, Tilbury, Felixstowe & London Gateway.

Our cargo was ready for delivery to the UK port precisely when the Covid-19 lockdown started and has been held up for over three years, having previously already taken a year to collect together. This container has now reached our refuge: the photos show the joyful children with the container arriving and being unloaded … with everyone lending a hand from the very young to the not so young!

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The cargo included toiletries, library books, educational materials, knitted items, hand-made quilts, school equipment and furniture, wheelchairs, zimmer frames, scooters, tools and household equipment, clothes, shoes, office equipment and a host of other donated items.

Thanks to all our supporters both this time and over the years who have donated or paid for items for our shipments, or helped with the wrapping and packing, or the loading and deliveries both by road and sea, and in so many ways. This provides a vital support for our work in Peru.

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