Our work in the wider community

The focal point and the core of our work is centred on our refuge in Zapallal. However, within the limitations of our resources, we do try to have a wider remit and to support projects and communities outside our walls. Not only do we have direct links with the families of our own children and the communities they come from, but we also keep links with other communities, not only  to help us to identify the needs of new children who may need our support but also to respond to the great needs elsewhere. We are also always looking to be able to develop new community facilities and new opportunities on our own site in future.

Where there is an identified need we may be able to help with the distribution of material goods  from our cargoes as well as regularly inviting local people to our community tombolas.

At Christmas time, as a part of our programme of social awareness in the community, the children from our refuge visit children and older people who exist in extreme poverty nearby or we entertain them at the refuge. It’s a chance  for  us to share not only the traditional Christmas hot chocolate and panetones, but also dancing and music.

Institutional links
Project Peru has institutional links with:
APCI , the Peruvian Agency for International Co-operation.
MIMP, the Peruvian Ministry for Women and Vulnerable People. https://www.gob.pe/mimp…and through them with the Puente Piedra local authority  Programme for Food Aid. http://www.munipuentepiedra.gob.pe